1. oyprongs:

    can i major in harry potter

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    Suzanne is so important

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    American education

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    comment from a person on youtube whose name i don’t remember.

    this is how you make “gay jokes” folks

    having two parents of any gender would suck because when u need one of them you’d be like “mom” and the wrong one will reply and you have to go “not you the OTHER one” and thats why if i marry a girl and we have kids she can be mom and i will be optimus prime

    optimus prime

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  6. steeeeve-the-goodra:

    I have no words to explain how much I love this one particular tweet.


  7. prongsvssquid:

    tbh dress codes are fine as long as they are about looking professional and appropriate for a learning/working environment and not about ‘don’t distract the boys’ and slut-shaming, and as long as it’s enforced equally for all genders

    it is the sexist attitude about it that needs to be changed, not the fact that there *is* such a thing as dress codes

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    Spiderman crashes Xmen set.

    this needs to happen more often

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  10. sassykardashian:

    my heart says yes but my bank balance says no

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